Sabine is 16 years old, full of confidence and quick-witted with her mouth. She recently went to stay with her father in a dreary block of run-down flats near Berlin. One day she witnesses how the 18-year-old juvenile delinquent Micha runs away in panic with a knife covered in blood – and a few meters away she finds a corpse. Out of fear Sabine could grass on him, Micha orders his friend Eddie to take care of Sabine and make sure she won’t leak anything to the police. But soon, a gentle love develops between Sabine and Eddie. And although Sabine insists that the person she saw fleeing was not Eddie’s friend, Micha increases the pressure. He wants to make sure …

Director: Esther Gronenborn
Screenplay: Esther Gronenborn
DoP: Jan Fehse
Editor: Christian Lonk
Cast: Jana Pallaske, Frank Droese, Arthur Rakk, Toni Blume
Genre: Jugenddrama
Year of production: 2000

Bavarian Film Award for New Directing Talent
German Film Award for Editor and Director