Almuth and Rita

Due to her dominant nature, freshly-retired lady dentist Almuth (68) never grew any emotional bonds with her family or her social environment. Only when she starts opening up toward her housemaid Rita, she slowly overcomes her detained self and learns to be a better person. An eventful and entertaining story about the friendship of two very different women, about the true value of family, and about giving life a new start
despite of age.

Director: Nikolai Müllerschön
Screenplay: Brigitte Blobel
DoP: Daniel Koppelkamm
Cast: Senta Berger, Cornelia Froboess, Patricia Aulitzky
Commissioning Editor: Claudia Luzius (Degeto)
Genre: comedy, drama
Year of Production: 2014

TV movie for ARD/Degeto