Oskar Roehler’s love story depicts the emotional bonds and the loneliness in the relationship of director Robert and his girlfriend Marie who works as a doctor in a children’s hospital. Robert’s fears and doubts put their relationship to a heavy test. Trouble intensifies when Robert learns about the fatal disease of his father Klaus – and Klaus dies just after Robert finally brings himself to refresh their contact after years of silence between them. Robert retreats to himself even more. He pushes away Marie, who, in the face of her workload, could use some support herself, until it seems as if there is no way back together. Only Marie still believes in their love and hopes for new beginning.

Director: Oskar Roehler
Screenplay: Oskar Roehler
DoPHagen Bogdanski
Editor: Uli Schön
Cast: Marie Bäumer, André Hennicke, Vadim Glowna
Genre: Drama
Year of production: 2002

Bavarian Film Award for Best Actress (Marie Bäumer)
Berlinale: nomination for “Golden Bear”