Eight Miles High

Towards the end of the sixites, a beautiful but still voiceless Uschi Obermaier from Munich’s suburban quarter Sendling starts off as a mannequin and soon turns into the icon of the Sexual Revolution, becoming a role model for an entire generation of women.

While searching for the endless summer of love, trying to escape the changing times, Uschi and Bockhorn embark onto an adventurous journey through Asia at the end of the seventies. But their picture-perfect idyll turns more and more claustrophobic, as Bockhorn ultimately fails to keep up to Uschi’s neverending urge for freedom. He is killed in an accident on New Years Day in 1984, leaving behind a question that not only Uschi needs to answer to herself: What’s the price for freedom?

Director: Achim Bornhak
Screenplay: Achim Bornak, Olaf Kraemer, Dagmar Benke
DoPBenjamin Dernbecher
EditorsPeter Przygodda, Sebastian Schultz
Cast: Natalia Avelon, Matthias Schweighöfer, David Scheller, Milan Peschel, Friederike Kempter
Genre: Biographisches Drama
Year of production: 2006

Platinum for title song “Summerwine”
DIVA Award 2008 for Natalia Avelon
Bambi 2007 for Matthias Schweighöfer
ne-Award 2007 for Matthias Schweighöfer
Nomination for NewFaces Award: Natalia Avelon and Achim Bornhak
Two nominations for German Film Award ‘08