It’s “foehn” in the Bavarian alpine upland. The people who know what “foehn” means, also know that a few inhabitants notice listlessness in this special height, others get migraines, and one or the other might even get concrete thoughts of killing someone.

The old-established mortician couple, Ignaz and Ursel Grasegger, are not easily brought out of ease by the “foehn” as others might. But suddenly their all so quiet and steady hometown gets hit by one mishap after the other. Since a couple of days, commissar Jennerwein is detecting a murder case, which does not give his quiet hometown a lot of time and air to breathe. The local citizens are discussing possible murderers while drinking beer and eating “Weißwurst”. Meanwhile the Graseggers are not having such an easy time breathing in the high leveled Alps, because actually, behind their all so normal citizen mask, they have a dark secret that is yet to be discovered …

Director: Rainer Kaufmann
Screenplay: Stefan Holtz, Florian Iwersen
DoP: Klaus Eichhammer
Cast: Martin Feifel, Katharina Schubert, Jürgen Tonkel, Georg Friedrich, Andreas Giebel, Gundi Ellert
Commissioning Editor: Stephanie Heckner (BR)
Genre: crime, comedy
Year of Production: 2010

TV movie for BR Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Public Broadcaster)