Flying Fish

“Roberta is the most embarrassing person in the whole universe and the most incapable mother of all times.” This is what almost-16-year-old Nana says about her mother. She despises Roberta’s unsteady way of life, and she is tired of watching her mother looking for true romance, yet always ending up in luckless love affairs. At home, Nana has taken over Roberta’s job: she looks after her two younger siblings and works at the local lock gate for ship traffic during her afternoons. When the youth welfare department threatens to take over custody of the kids, Roberta swears to improve her lifestyle and stay away from men. Nana, convinced that her mother will sooner or later fail to keep this promise, decides that it’s time to take things into her own hands. Determined to find a decent man for her mother and a good stepfather for herself and her siblings, she ends up falling in love with the “chosen one” herself. Only after the tragic ending of this subtle romance, mother and daughter find their way back towards each other.

Director: Güzin Kar
Screenplay: Güzin Kar
DoP: Benjamin Dernbecher
Editors: Benjamin Fueter
Cast: Meret Becker, Barnaby Metschurat, Elisa Schlott
Genre: dramedy
Year of production: 2009